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Highwater Farm is owned and operated by Liz and Rachel Freierman. While both Liz and Rachel grew up in Massachusetts, their love for the outdoors drew them to the Mount Washington Valley where they’ve been living since 2010. After gaining experience WWOOFing in Malaysia, Thailand, and Kenya as well as working on farms in Maine and Vermont, they began growing here in New Hampshire at a larger scale. When the garden on their rented property became large enough to produce far more than Liz and Rachel could eat and preserve, they started attending a local farmers’ market and selling commercially. This growth led them to their current land and the creation of Highwater Farm.

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Liz (she/her) is the primary farmer. Her first job at the age of 14 was at a local nursery and farm where she did everything from transplanting to sorting tomatoes. She carried this passion with her as she grew older, establishing small gardens everywhere she went and continuing to seek out learning opportunities. Prior to making the switch to full-time farmer/baby wrangler, Liz worked as a timber framer for 4 years. Now on the farm, she most enjoys starting seeds and pruning tomatoes.

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Asa and Wilder are the delightful children of Highwater Farm. They love shoveling and moving compost, sampling berries, washing produce, watching the chickens, introducing their bunny to CSA Members at pick-up, and a wide array of other somewhat helpful farm tasks. While they sometimes slightly impede farm productivity, they are very much a driving force and motivator of all that Liz and Rachel do, and bring laughter and levity to the work.

All that happens on Highwater Farm would not be possible without a deeply supportive community

of family and friends who help with a never-ending assortment of tasks ranging

from childcare to trench digging and garlic harvesting to weeding.

Rachel (they/them) hated growing things as a child, but through their love of Liz has come around and now wholeheartedly enjoys farming. Rachel brings a focus on food equity and social justice to the farm. They are also in charge of marketing, computer-related things, and impulsive seed trials centered on the most exciting purple crops in the seed catalog. Plus whatever labor Liz asks of them. When not on the farm, Rachel works as an outdoor education teacher during the school year, as well as a ski patroller and volunteer firefighter.

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