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2024 CSA Information

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it is a way for you to support our farm while getting the best of the produce we're growing throughout the entire season! This season we are offering two different options.


In our "Traditional CSA", you purchase a "share" at the start of the season, either full or half depending on how many people you are feeding and how much you love vegetables, and then each week we package up freshly harvested produce for you to pick-up. Our Traditional CSA offers a blend of staple vegetables that most folx like to eat on a regular basis (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, squash, etc.) as well as berries we grow on the farm and ​the occasional more obscure veggie such as lemongrass or husk cherries. What you receive in your share each week varies throughout the season based on what we're harvesting. Early season you can expect more greens and spring crops, with more variety coming as we move into July and August.


New this year we are also offering a "Market Choice CSA" which gives you the benefit of more value for supporting our farm upfront, while also offering you choice in the produce you receive. 

Traditional CSA Dates & Pick-up: 

  • Farm Pick-up CSA: Pick-up is self-service on our farm in Bartlett Village. Pick-up takes place on Fridays from 2 pm through Saturdays at noon. This CSA will include 18 pick-ups, running from June 14th - October 18th, with one week off mid-summer.

  • Market Pick-up CSA: New this year, we are offering a CSA pick-up on Tuesdays at the MWV Farmers’ Market. This CSA will include 16 pick-ups, running from June 18th-October 1st and is only available as a full-share option.


NOTE: We do not offer reimbursements for dates you might miss due to vacations or forgotten pick-ups. If you know you won't be able to get your share, please feel free to invite a friend/relative/co-worker/secret crush to pick it up!

Cost Information for Traditional CSAs:

  • Sliding Scale: 

    • We offer our shares on a sliding price scale within the ranges detailed below. You're welcome to pay what feels most comfortable for you.

    • Paying full price or more will help offset smaller payments as well as allow us to provide financial assistance to families who need.

  • Financial Aid: 

    • We believe that everyone should have access to locally-grown food. If cost is a barrier for you or someone you know, please reach out via email to inquire about financial aid.

    • This year we are partnering with Granite State Market Match to enable folx receiving EBT benefits to sign-up for a CSA share at a VERY reduced rate. Please reach out to us if you are interested in this option.

  • Farm Pick-up CSA Pricing:

    • Full Share: $600-$650 

      • Good for a veggie-loving couple, family, or household 

      • 9-12 items each week

    • Half Share (farm pick-up only!): $300-$350

      • Good for an individual or couple 

      • 5-7 items each week

  • Market Pick-up CSA Pricing

    • Full Share: $530 - $580

      • Good for a veggie-loving couple, family, or household 

      • 9-12 items each week

Market Choice CSA:

New this year! If you like the idea of a CSA but want to be able to choose your own items, this one’s for you. Pay for your produce now and receive an extra $10 for every $100 you purchase. Then simply shop at our tent on Tuesdays at the Mt. Washington Valley Farmers’ Market and we'll track your credit!

Purchasing CSAs:

  • To sign up for your share, please fill out the form below and send in payment via check, or Venmo (@highwater-farm)

  • Checks can be mailed to:
    PO Box 183
    51 River St 
    Bartlett Village, NH 03812

  • Please send payment within 2 weeks of CSA Sign-up

CSA Sign-Up:

Thank you for joining the Highwater 2024 CSA Program!

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